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Massive Fraud Scheme Against Seniors

The US Department of Justice (DOJ) recently conducted the largest ever elder fraud sweep and charged over 250 defendants with fraud, representing over 750 million dollars. In each case, the defendants allegedly engaged in financial tactics that either specifically targeted…

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Estate Plan Instructions

A letter of instruction (LOI) is an essential part of any estate plan, whether you are starting from scratch or have a comprehensive plan in place. A letter of instruction can help your loved ones manage important information about you.…

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Living Trusts Can Be Helpful For Seniors

Sadly, the elderly is often taken advantage of by strangers — and sometimes even their own family members. It’s an unfortunate fact that seniors can be prime targets for financial abuse and scams. That’s why it’s important that planning is…

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Bankruptcy Is On The Rise With Aging Americans

Many retired and aging Americans' golden years are turning into bankruptcy red. While medical advances are keeping seniors alive longer, the associated healthcare costs in the quest for longevity are being off-loaded onto the older individual at a time when…

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What to Know to Understand Gift Taxes

The gift tax is a tax on the transfer of assets, cash, or property, to another without receiving something of equal value. The asset has to be of a certain value for the tax to apply; otherwise, it falls under…

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