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A Brief Overview of Gun Trusts

A gun trust allows individuals to own firearms in a legal manner, allowing them to share access to firearms with others while remaining compliant with the law. This approach is beneficial for those who own restricted firearms or firearms regulated…

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Having a Valid Will Is Essential

In spite of the fact that over 50 percent of Americans find estate planning important, only about 33 percent have a will. Those individuals with a will may have moved to a different state or forgot to update their…

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How to Discuss Inheritance with Children

Many parents are uncomfortable discussing their wealth with their children. Property and money are usually taboo topics to discuss. Asking someone else about what they have is often considered impolite. But failing to talk to kids about how much they…

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A Comparison of Wills and Trusts

Trusts and wills have distinct estate planning benefits that are quite different. Each state has specific laws and regulations governing these legal documents. You can have both a will and a trust; however, the information in each should complement the…

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